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Jean Logan

Vice Chair

Jean Logan, R.N., Ph.D. is the current vice-chairwoman of the Broadlawns Medical Center Board of Trustees. Dr. Logan has served as the Broadlawns Board of Trustees’ chair, and the chair of the Broadlawns Planning Committee.

Dr. Logan is a Professor of Nursing at Grand View University. In her position, Dr. Logan educates undergraduate and graduate nursing students, particularly in the area of health policy development.

Dr. Logan obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Grand View University; a Master of Arts degree from the University of Iowa, and a Doctorate degree from Iowa State University.

Dr. Logan has also served as the president, president-elect and secretary of the Iowa Association of Colleges of Nursing (IACN). Dr. Logan was in the first class inducted into 100 Great Iowa Nurses, and she is an honorary member of the National Student Nurses Association.

Dr. Logan will complete her second term in December 2016.

Dr. Logan may be reached by e-mail at BroadlawnsBoardLogan@gmail.com

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