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Current Projects and Funds

The Broadlawns Medical Center Foundation is committed to raising community awareness and financial support for Broadlawns Medical Center.  As the community hospital, we are dedicated to serving the most vulnerable populations and providing access to quality healthcare to the underserved and at-risk individuals within our community.

In recent years, the Broadlawns Medical Center Foundation has been focused on securing funding for major initiatives that will enhance our facilities and expand our servicing capacity.

The Family Birthing Center at Broadlawns Medical Center


Broadlawns Medical Center intends to renovate the existing Family Birthing Center to provide enhanced labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum (LDRP) rooms that are larger, more conducive for medical equipment and more accommodating for visitors.  The modernization of the Family Birthing Center will allow for greater privacy and better flow between the nursing station and the nursery.



Mental Health Starts With Me

Mental Health Capital Campaign

Broadlawns has the largest staff of mental healthcare providers in Central Iowa, and we are taking a leadership position in addressing the needs for expanded access to mental healthcare. Two years ago, Broadlawns increased its inpatient behavioral health beds from 26 beds to 30 beds. The inpatient unit continues to operate at 100% capacity, 365 days per year. The needs for expanded access to mental healthcare continue to grow. Broadlawns recently completed a transformative renovation of the inpatient behavioral health unit to provide modernized patient rooms, additional treatment and group therapy spaces and enhanced areas for privacy and visitors.  The newly renovated inpatient behavioral health unit was repopulated on April 2, 2016. Broadlawns will initiate a second phase of construction that will expand the inpatient behavioral health unit from 30 beds to 44 beds which is the licensed capacity for Broadlawns Medical Center.  The estimated completion date for the inpatient expansion is Summer 2017.


Last year, Broadlawns Outpatient Mental Health Clinic accommodated over 55,000 visits and we provided over 15,000 community-based visits.  Demand for outpatient mental healthcare is currently outpacing our ability to attend to the growing needs for care.  In March of 2017, Broadlawns Medical Center will open a 72,000 square foot medical clinic building that will house Outpatient Mental Health (and the Family Health Center and Dental Clinic) and will expand our servicing capacity for outpatient mental healthcare by at least 40%. Within the new facilities, Broadlawns will offer expanded addiction services and intensive outpatient therapy. We are exploring the feasibility of incorporating telepsychiatry.  In 2018, Broadlawns Medical Center and Unity Point-Des Moines will begin jointly administering a Psychiatric Residency training program that will accommodate 16 residents once the four-year program is fully operational.

Donate A group of dedicated community leaders are assisting with fundraising initiative for the Mental Health Starts With Me initiative, please click here to visit the Advocate Circle website.

Dental Clinic

The origins of the Broadlawns Dental Clinic began with a single operatory chair located within the Emergency Department over forty years ago. Currently, the Dental Clinic has eight operatory chairs and is located within the outdated Family Health Center building. In March of 2017, the Dental Clinic will move to the new medical clinic building that is presently under construction on the eastern portion of the Broadlawns campus. The Broadlawns Dental Clinic will expand its footprint to include twenty-two operatories.  Four operatory spaces that will be dedicated to providing specialty services including orthodontics, endodontics, oral surgery and pediatrics. This transformation will dramatically increase our ability to administer oral healthcare to the most underserved populations that have historically experienced significant access barriers to dental care. Your support toward this initiative can make a tangible difference to those in need of healthcare. Donate

Family Medicine Residency Program
New Family Health Center and new housing

For the alumni of our Family Medicine Residency program, the onsite housing brings back fond memories of friendship, fellowship and support.  The apartments were your home for the three years that you spent at Broadlawns prior to embarking upon your career in medicine.

The current residency housing units are outdated and in need of replacement.  We are excited to share that a plan is in place to replace the residency housing units.  Broadlawns Medical Center has agreed to provide $3 million dollars in funding towards this project and our goal is to raise a total of  $5 million dollars in order to erect two new residency apartment buildings.   Costruction of one of the two proposed housing buildings is nearly complete.

Will you consider supporting this project with a gift?  Your gift supports the Family Medicine Residency Program and paves the way for the future medical leaders. Donate


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