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Broadlawns Medical Center Opens Sleep, Lung and Allergy Center

New Center to Enhance Public Safety as Sleep Disorders Can Put the Public at Risk

Des Moines, Iowa – (June 5, 2013) – Broadlawns Medical Center today announced the recent opening of the Broadlawns Sleep, Lung and Allergy Center. With an estimated 70 million Americans currently suffering from one or more sleep-related problems, there is a clear need for this new center.

“By opening the sleep center we are able to meet a need that is increasingly affecting the Central Iowa community,” says Dr. Michael McCubbin, lead physician at the Sleep, Lung and Allergy Center. “With clinics three to four days a week and complete sleep studies and sleep apnea screenings taking place three nights a week, we have a busy schedule, with room to expand the night services to five to six nights a week. We’re eager to help the many individuals battling sleep problems because they can become a public safety concern.”

In fact, there are more than 100,000 traffic accidents nationwide every year in which drowsy driving is listed as the cause of the accident, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

“Sleep disorders are a matter of public safety as they affect everyone from the individual worker and driver to commercial airline pilots and truck drivers,” says McCubbin. “Due to the widespread impact of sleep disorders, we look forward to expanding our services to help all Iowans affected.” 

Although 5 percent of the nation’s population suffers from sleep apnea, less than one-third of them are currently being treated. Additionally, 50 percent of Broadlawn’s admissions are mental-health related with one third of depression patients having a sleep disorder. With this large unmet need for treatment, Broadlawns expects to have a full schedule at the new center.

The center’s approach to treatment is unique in that it is certified in four diverse disciplines: allergies, pulmonology, adult and pediatric sleep medicine. By providing experience in all four areas, Broadlawns is able to serve community members in a comprehensive way that other centers cannot.

The clinic at the sleep center at Broadlawns is open Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, with sleep studies taking place Sunday through Tuesday and sleep screens taking place Sunday through Friday. Due to the positive initial response the center has already seen, Broadlawns plans to expand sleep studies so they are available from Sunday through Friday. In addition to the center at Broadlawns, a satellite clinic in Oskaloosa is open two Fridays every month to serve local residents with sleep-related problems.

The Sleep, Lung and Allergy Center is the latest addition to the list of specialty clinics that Broadlawns provides for the community. With the opening of this center, Broadlawns now has 20 specialty clinics to serve the community, including: allergy; cardiology; dermatology; ear, nose and throat; neurology; ophthalmology; orthopedics; pulmonology; and urology.

About Broadlawns

Broadlawns Medical Center is nationally recognized for providing access to high-quality, affordable, integrated health care services to the Des Moines community. Its Family Medicine Residency program trains tomorrow’s health care professionals. Throughout its near-90-year history, Broadlawns has adapted to the changing demands of health care by implementing innovative technologies in balance with caring, patient-focused compassion. Today Broadlawns Medical Center consists of:

  • An acute care community hospital serving medical, surgical, mental health and primary care needs
  • A 60-member physician practice overseeing numerous specialty clinics and outpatient services
  • A Family Medicine Residency Program that graduates physician leaders who today serve in 22 of Iowa’s 99 counties

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