Boiler Plant Operator Trainee

Job Description

Under the direct supervision of the Boiler Plant Operator and the Plant Operations Manager as well as the general supervision of the Director of Plant Operations, the boiler plant trainee operates and maintains stationary engines and electro-mechanical equipment sucah as pumps, valves, compressor, generators, and steam boilers, chillers, to provide for utility services for the hospital complex.


Plant Operations


Full Time


Generally Varies, Trains On All Shifts


Ability to understand Mechanical and Electrical Systems. City of Des Moines Third Class Engineer licensure within 90 days of 2 years relevant experience. City of Des Moines First Class Engineer licensure within 90 days of experience required by City. Ability to read and understand basic blueprints. Ability to communicate in a pleasant, positive and effective manner with staff, customers, visitors and all levels of Hospital management. High School Diploma or GED. Is able to physically complete all of the tasks assigned to the position on a regular basis, including but not limited to excessive lifting, working in extreme cold or extreme hot weather, and being able to complete outside winter work, including snow shoveling for extensive periods of time.


July 1, 2022