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OB Services Special Delivery Package Pricing

For uninsured patients only.

Broadlawns is pleased to offer package pricing for the delivery of your baby.  We offer three different packages: Vaginal Delivery, C-section, and Pre-natal Care.

Vaginal Delivery  
Hospital Services $4,000
Physician Services $1,800
Sub-total $5,800
Hospital Services $6,250
Physician Services $2,250
Sub-total $8,500
Pre-natal Care $1,300









The following services are included in each package (2 days for vaginal delivery, 3 days for C-section):

  • Care for uncomplicated vaginal delivery or c-section
  • Room and board (including meals) during your stay
  • Nursing and physician care
  • Routine laboratory tests (special tests will incur additional charges; additional discounts may apply
  • One ultrasound (additional ultrasounds will incur separate charges; additional discounts may apply)

Note: Hospitalizations longer than 2 days for vaginal or 3 days for C-section will incur additional charges.

The following services are not considered routine and are not included in the OB Special Pricing.  These services could be considered for similar discount if paid within 30 days of billing including, but not limited to:

  • More than one ultrasound
  • Amniocentisis
  • Birth control devices or sterilization of any kind.
  • Any surgical procedures that may need to be performed during labor and delivery.

To learn more about this program please contact a Financial Counselor at 515-282-2246 or click here to send an email message and a financial counselor will contact you to register for this program.

OB package is a Broadlawns discounted special package and does not apply if complications occur and/or newborn or mom needs to be transferred to another healthcare facility.

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