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Mobile Crisis

What does Mobile Crisis do?

Mobile Crisis provides voluntary community based assessments and short term crisis management for children, youth, and adults experiencing a mental health crisis. Mobile Crisis is designed to assist law enforcement with mental health related calls, and Mobile Crisis clinicians are dispatched at the request of the officers on scene. The Mobile Crisis team is staffed with behavioral health specialists, including mental health therapists, social workers, and registered nurses.

What are the goals of Mobile Crisis?

  • Stabilize clients in their home
  • Prevent unnecessary hospitalizations
  • Prevent unnecessary incarcerations
  • Save valuable police time

What services can Mobile Crisis provide?

  • Complete a mental health assessment
  • Help to stabilize situations with on-site crisis management
  • Provide referrals for services
  • Facilitate an emergency room mental health evaluation, if necessary.

How do I access Mobile Crisis?

If you have a mental health crisis and are in need of emergency assistance, call 911. Tell law enforcement dispatch that there is a mental health crisis and clearly explain the situation.

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