What others say about our program...

"For more than 40 years, Broadlawns Medical Center has been an important partner with the University of Iowa in educating and training medical students, physician assistant students, resident physicians and other health professionals. The wide range of clinical experiences that Broadlawns can offer has helped us train three generations of healthcare providers in Iowa. Broadlawns is an outstanding resource for our state."

Roger Tracy
Assistant Dean/Director
Office of Statewide Clinical Education Programs
University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine

"The transitional year “internship” training program at Broadlawns is superb.  It has produced many physicians who have gone on to become my very best residents in Anesthesiology, both at Iowa and Nebraska.  When residents come to my training program from their transitional year at Broadlawns, I know that they will have been exposed to superb hands-on teaching by physicians who not only teach medicine to them, but also ethics and cooperativeness.  Broadlawns is a superb teaching hospital.  My congratulations to their excellent faculty and medical staff."

John H. Tinker, M.D.
Professor and Chair, Emeritus
University of Nebraska
Department of Anesthesiology

And from the residents, themselves...

"Training at Broadlawns Family Medicine Residency was an amazing learning experience.  Since this residency is essentially completely unopposed, the family practice residents get first opportunity to take care of every sick patient in the hospital.  Very few family practice residencies will train you so well at taking care of critically ill patients, from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds as Broadlawns does.  Also, the training environment is excellent - it is very evident that the attendings truly want to be teaching at this program.  They are well trained, very approachable, and create a great learning environment.  The benefits of provided housing right next to the hospital are countless - not only is it a huge financial blessing, but the community it builds between the residents and their families is incredible.  I truly feel there are very few family practice residencies in the nation that can compare to BMC in excellence of training.  I am extremely proud to be a Broadlawns graduate."

Amber Kinner, DO
Family Medicine Graduate

"My decision to undergo my medical training at Broadlawns was irrefutably the best decision I made in my medical training.  Broadlawns is a rarity among family medicine residencies in that as a resident I had full access to such a vast array of experiences not only in the broad spectrum of pathology I saw but also in the diversity of patient populations, the different clinic and hospital experiences I had, and the exposure to the systems-based practice of medicine in my involvement on different committees and under the tutelage of many of my attending physicians. It was not only the teaching at the bedside or in the clinic, the lectures and morning reports that was invaluable, but more importantly the guidance and wisdom imparted to me by my mentors, attendings, and peers that has made me the physician I am today. Because of my training at Broadlawns, I now get to enjoy practicing medicine in my current position as medical director of an emergency department in a critical access hospital and pursue my passion of providing care for the underserved and underprivileged as medical director of a free clinic in rural Iowa and on medical mission trips around the world."

Ryan Van Maanen, DO
Family Medicine Graduate

"The Broadlawns Family Practice Residency Program was my unquestionable first choice for a family medicine residency program because of its excellent teaching staff, diverse patient population, and the camaraderie between the residents.  Additionally, the residency program provides a very family friendly atmosphere: making it very doable to balance both a challenging residency program with a family life."

Megan Kane, DO
Family Medicine Graduate

"I was drawn to the Broadlawns Family Medicine Program because of the opportunity it offered to work with a diverse and underserved patient population.  As residents we are exposed to a unique array of medical problems, and this coupled with the autonomy we are given creates an unparalleled learning environment.  I was amazed at how much I matured as a physician in just the first few months of my intern year.  I cannot imagine a better place to train to become a family physician."

Elaina Ori-Honeycutt, DO
Family Medicine Graduate

"Broadlawns truly offers a unique educational experience to the physician-in-training. The faculty, staff and patients here at BMC have given me the opportunity to become the confident and compassionate physician that I have always aspired to be. Although I have a lot of growing yet to do, I know that I will be ready to go out into a rural community and practice the traditional full scope of family medicine after my time at Broadlawns is complete."

Stephen Barnes, DO
Family Medicine Graduate

"I chose Broadlawns as my residency for many reasons. The opportunity to learn is amazing.  As a Family Medicine doctor I knew that I would need to know a lot about a lot of areas and Broadlawns is able to provide that hands on learning experience that I knew I would need to solidify my skills and be a competent small town physician.  You are the physician at Broadlawns, there is help when you need it but it is like a small town hospital in a big city so the pathology at Broadlawns is great.  Procedures abound, faculty are kind, compassionate and helpful, and our resident community is strong. I can't think of a better place to train in Iowa."

Joshua Anderson, DO
Family Medicine Graduate

"I chose Broadlawns for my Transitional Year Residency, because of the diverse patient population, the didactics, and the teaching staff.  I can't think of another program in Iowa that offers the same level of autonomy and hands-on experience.  The convenient housing option saves commuting time, and adds to the camaraderie among residents.  I would choose Broadlawns again without hesitation."

Leslie Cavazos, MD
Transitional Year Graduate