Get To Know: Corey Lewis | Broadlawns Celebrates Black History Month

This Black History Month, Broadlawns is celebrating by highlighting a few of the many amazing Black colleagues who make an impact every day at our hospital.

Corey Lewis, Health CoachCorey Lewis

Job Title

Health Coach, Primary Care Clinic

Tell us about what you do in a typical day.

On a typical day, I see patients in my office that need guidance in healthy behavior change to improve their health, complete Medicare Annual Wellness Visits, and also call patients who have been discharged from the hospital and make sure they are doing better, make sure they got their medications, and remind them of any upcoming appointments with their Primary Care provider.

How long have you worked at Broadlawns?

I’ve been at Broadlawns for 4 years.

What attracted you to a career in healthcare?

Growing up in an environment where chronic disease was the norm, I knew I wanted to be in a helping profession very early in life. There aren’t many health coaches in healthcare settings, so having the opportunity to be one of a few was very exciting to me.

What do you like about working at Broadlawns?

What I enjoy most about Broadlawns is being able to do what I love.

Name a Black American you admire and think people should learn more about.

Virginia Margaret Alexander is a public health hero you NEED to know.

What books by Black authors do you recommend?

Articulate While Black by Samy Alim, Geneva Smitherman and Michael Eric Dyson.

What does it mean to be an inclusive healthcare provider?

To me, being an inclusive healthcare provider means not only ensuring that people have access to care but the resources necessary to achieve their full health potential.

What ways do you challenge/invite others to honor Black history, this month and beyond?

I challenge people to do some research on why we celebrate in the first place. Understand the significance of Black history in America. Approach someone as you ask your questions. You can learn a lot when you understand someone’s perspective.