Get To Know: Deanna Pingel | Broadlawns Celebrates Black History Month

Deanna Pingel, Staff Nurse and ICU Clinical Care CoordinatorDeanna Pingel

Job Title

Staff Nurse and ICU Clinical Care Coordinator

Tell us about what you do in a typical day.

I work in the Intensive Care Unit here at Broadlawns as a staff nurse, and I also take on the role as the ICU’s Clinical Care Coordinator. A typical day for me consists of taking care of critically ill patients (up to 3 patients). Different patients that we take care of range from patients on ventilators in acute respiratory failure, critical surgical patients, and patients on multiple medication drips. In our ICU we as nursing perform all cares (we do not have techs), so we form a close bond with patients and their families as we interact with them all day. My role as the Clinical Care Coordinator is to provide staff with evidence based practiced teaching/education to keep us up to date on current nursing cares and best practices.

How long have you worked at Broadlawns?

I have worked at Broadlawns for 9.5 years. I started off on Med-Surg for 2 years, then transitioned to the OR for 3 years, and have spent the rest of my time here in the ICU.

What attracted you to a career in healthcare?

I had always wanted a career where I could help people. I landed on nursing because I wanted to be able to help people during their most vulnerable times, and be that person by their side to reassure them that there is someone here to take care of them while they are temporarily unable to take care of themselves.

What do you like about working at Broadlawns?

What I like about working at Broadlawns is the diversity in patients as well as staff that we have here. Broadlawns is one big melting pot and I love how this hospital embraces everyone’s cultures, and how these cultures give a different perspective to each situation. I also like the smaller environment of Broadlawns . It is like a big, happy family. I love being able to walk throughout the hospital and know a lot of the people that I pass in the hallways.

What does it mean to be an inclusive healthcare provider

Being an inclusive healthcare provider includes understanding the background of your patient that is being served. This includes their culture, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and socioeconomic status. When you provide care to your patients with this knowledge, I have witnessed better outcomes with patients. We are all different in many ways, and applying that to healthcare is very important.

What ways do you challenge/invite others to honor Black history, this month and beyond?

I challenge others to honor Black History by stepping outside of your comfort zone and educating yourself on a small part of Black history and current events. With social media and so much information at our fingertips, it is easier for us to educate ourselves and get involved. As a Black American I still am learning more and more about my culture daily, and pride myself in educating myself and being a part of different activities that support Black history. I urge all to not just stop the education at the end of February, but to continue throughout your life.