“I love getting to watch each beautiful story unfold”: Broadlawns Birthing Center nurse finds joy in patients’ birthing journey.

Like many new graduates, Chloe Schneiter, RN, was hoping to find a career that aligned with her passion for nursing. Being a new nurse can be very overwhelming, but Chloe felt confident and comfortable starting at Broadlawns Medical Center.

"I knew immediately when I interviewed, that Broadlawns was the place I wanted to work," Schneiter says. "My teammates helped me quickly learn the ropes of labor and delivery as a new grad nurse. It didn’t take long to realize how much I love supporting moms through one of the most vulnerable, yet rewarding, times of their life."

Schneiter says the connection between a labor and delivery nurse and patient lasts beyond the end of care. "It’s such an honor to be there when a life is brought into this world," Schneiter says. "One of the best parts of my job is getting to build relationships with the moms and families that I work with and help them begin their journey of caring for a newborn."

Patients can inspire you; connections with patients are another form of caregiving. 

"I love Broadlawns because it is so diverse. I absolutely love learning about different cultures' birth preferences and beliefs," she says. "Here at Broadlawns, we do our best to accommodate each patient’s birth plan and advocate for the patient’s needs and wants. Everyone’s birth story is so unique and special in its own way, and I love getting to watch each beautiful story unfold."

She also learns from the other supportive nurses who work with her. Whether it’s for each other or their patients, Schneiter and her colleagues aim to provide support whenever they can. "I’m truly blessed with the best job and the best coworkers I could’ve asked for to start my nursing career. Our unit works together so well to create an environment where moms feel supported and empowered. I have been in my position for a year now and I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!"

We are so grateful to have such caring nurses on our team.