Four Women Leaders Promoted at Broadlawns Medical Center

Des Moines, Iowa (March 31, 2022) – Broadlawns Medical Center (BMC) announced today that four women leaders were recently promoted within the organization. Katie Wengert has been promoted to the Executive Leadership Team as the Chief Strategy Officer and Vice President of Business Development. Janet Naset-Payne has been promoted to the Senior Leadership Team as Assistant Vice President of Quality and Regulatory Compliance. Kindra Perry has been promoted to the Senior Leadership Team as Assistant Vice President of Behavioral Health. Jenna Knox has been promoted to Service Line Leadership as Foundation Director.     

“As Women’s History month draws to a close, Broadlawns celebrates the significant contributions of the capable women throughout our organization who help us fulfill of our mission of service,” said Tony Coleman, BMC President and CEO. “The advancement of these four women leaders recognizes their past contributions to the hospital, but it also represents the future positioning of Broadlawns and ensuring that we capably meet the needs of our community. As a male leader who was raised by a single woman parent, I am immensely grateful for the women who consistently led and continue to lead by example, inform and contribute.”

Ms. Wengert joined BMC in 2015 and most recently served as the Chief Marketing and External Relations Officer. Ms. Naset-Payne joined BMC in 2020 and most recently served as Director of Quality Management. Dr. Perry joined BMC in 2014 and most recently served as Director of Behavioral Health Clinical Services. Ms. Knox joined BMC in 2019 and most recently served as Manager of External Relations.


Katie Wengert, BA, MS


Janet Naset-Payne, RN, BA, MS


Kindra Perry, PsyD


Jenna Knox, BA


About Broadlawns Medical Center

Broadlawns Medical Center is a nonprofit healthcare organization that ensures our community is provided quality healthcare that is coordinated, compassionate and cost‐effective. The Broadlawns campus includes an acute care hospital, primary and specialty care clinics, urgent care and emergency services, lab, radiology, dentistry, crisis services, inpatient, outpatient and community-based mental healthcare.  Broadlawns accepts all forms of insurance and its approach to health care and quality outcomes earned a Level 3 rating from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), the highest achievable status for a medical delivery model. Broadlawns takes a leadership position in teaching the next generation of healthcare professionals through its residency and fellowship programs.