A Story of Survival: Fred's COVID-19 Remarkable Recovery.

A Story Of Survival.

“The ICU staff and the entire hospital is absolutely the best in the city, county, and probably Central Iowa!” Fred’s wife, Jolene, doesn’t believe her husband would still be here today if it weren’t for the care he received at Broadlawns Medical Center in Des Moines, IA.

This is a story of survival. After more than a month in the ICU, now COVID-19 recovered patient, Fred, finally gets to leave. Fred spent 21 days on a ventilator and today he and his wife watched outside Fred’s ICU window as Broadlawns staff waved and clapped as he leaves to go on to Select Specialty Acute Care for rehab.

“There were many days when we were afraid COVID would take him but the staff here is diligent and beyond wonderful! He still has work ahead of him but, thanks to Broadlawns ER and ICU doctors and nurses, techs, and everyone (even the screeners at the front door) he has a chance! We ❤️ you!!”