Behavioral Health

Graduate School

University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa


Broadlawns Medical Center- group therapy

Board Certifications

Licensed Independent Social Worker

Clinical Interests/Additional Certifications

I am a level two trained as an Internal Family Systems Therapist who views the human condition with a compassionate understanding that sometimes parts of us take over our lives with the best intentions, but over time, begin to forget our natural Self-leadership. I work with you to honor what has kept you alive through the years, as well as offer relief and new solutions, returning your Self to its rightful throne. So many life experiences teach us that this is as good as it gets, but I am here to help you uncover your authentic purpose. I utilize mindfulness-based psychotherapy, polyvagal theory, with a focus on trauma and attachment.


Johanna enjoys being in nature, time with family, and values being a lifelong learner for continued self-awareness and personal growth. 

Why I chose my field

"I enjoy helping people find their inner resources of calm, compassion, courage, and confidence by guiding and empowering each individual that what has happened to them is not who they are. People deserve to know that they are not broken nor need to be fixed but rather an understanding of how trauma impacts their behavior and relationships in their lives. It is a privilege that the people I serve allow me to witness their pain and walk with them on their healing path."
-Johanna Grenko, LISW

My programs

I facilitate groups in the RISE program and believe that groups are a way to repair relational trauma and gain support for life's stressors. If you would like a safe place where all people are welcome to express and be witnessed for emotional pain, group therapy might be for you.