Community of Champions

Broadlawns is celebrating its 100th anniversary! To make this occasion special, we are seeking Community Champions to help us plan all the exciting events that will take place during the celebration. We are looking for a team of Champions who can gather once a month for the next six months to help us tell the story of our organization's history. Whether you were born at Broadlawns, worked there, or have a remarkable story to share about it, we want to hear from you!

Tell us why you'd make a great Community Champion by submitting your application before July 4th. We'll notify the chosen individuals through their preferred method of contact. Thank you for considering this opportunity to help us commemorate this significant milestone in Broadlawns' history!

While Broadlawns will not release your contact information publicly, please note that your name and identity as a Community Champion may be publicized. For this reason, if you are a patient or former patient you will be asked to sign an appropriate release before participating.

Tell us your why in 500 word or less!

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