Physical & Occupational Therapy

Are you ready to return to your active lifestyle? The Broadlawns Physical and Occupational Therapy team is ready to assist you.

We accept Medicare, Medicaid, as well as other commercial insurances. Please check with your insurance carrier to verify your coverage. The main hospital bills as a hospital-based clinic. Our Cityville and Drake clinics bill as an outpatient clinic.  This difference can affect your insurance coverage.


Physical and occupational services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Balance and Fall Prevention

  • Body Mechanics Education

  • Concussion Therapy

  • Dry Needling

  • Foot Orthotic Fabrication 

  • Musculoskeletal Treatment

  • Post-Surgical Care 

  • Soft Tissue/Joint Mobilization

  • Sports Rehabilitation

  • Pelvic Floor Health

  • Work-Related Injuries

What To Expect 

At Broadlawns Physical and Occupational Therapy, we believe in providing you with a personalized treatment plan for your specific condition. In each session, a therapist will work with you one-on-one. Our priority is for you to feel comfortable and confident during your treatment.

During your initial appointment, your therapist will perform a thorough evaluation to assess your range of motion, strength, and movement patterns to determine the root cause of your condition. Did you know that knee pain could actually be coming from a problem with your ankle or hip?

Following your initial evaluation, we will develop a plan of care based on your personal goals and physical abilities. Your therapist may use manual therapy techniques to help improve joint and tissue mobility so your muscles can work as efficiently as possible. You may also be given exercises that will allow you to continue your therapy at home. By the time you complete your therapy program, you will have the knowledge and tools to help care for yourself and prevent re-injury.

Our Facility

Our clinic features a spacious gym. In addition to the open gym area, private consultation areas are available for detailed evaluation and treatment. 


We accept referrals from our in-house providers as well as outside providers.


  Jean Angel, PTA
  Krista Beckert, PT, DPT
  Matt Bravard, PT, MPT
  Lindsay Breitbach, PT, DPT
  Shannon Brostad, PT, MPT
  Bill Fellows, PT, HCA
  Mollie Hammer, PT, DPT
  Kitty Hippler, OT
  Chris Mach, PT, DPT
  Jordan McPheron, PT, DPT
  Nicole Sliva, OTD, OTR/L
  Jena Velasquez, PT, DPT