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Yogesh Shah, MD, MPH, is a Geriatrician at Broadlawns Geriatric and Memory Center and the Director of Palliative Care. In this video, Dr. Shah shares why he chose to practice at Broadlawns. Read more »

Broadlawns Medical Center Geriatric and Memory Center Geriatric Medicine Healthcare Palliative Care Yogesh Shah


WHO TV 13 featured a story on Dr. Mica Murdoch and the successful advancements of Total Ankle Replacement Surgery Read more »

Broadlawns Foot and Ankle Clinic Broadlawns Medical Center Dr. Mica Murdoch Megan Reuther Total Ankle Replacement WHO TV 13


The Des Moines Register's business writer, Kevin Hardy, wrote a story on the Broadlawns TECH and TEACH initiatives that were established in partnership with Urban Dreams to provide job training for underserved individuals. Read more »

Broadlawns Medical Center Social Determinants of Health TECH and TEACH The Des Moines Register


The Broadlawns PATH Program was established in 1997. Watch a video that includes testimonials from participants in the program. Read more »

Broadlawns Behavioral Health Services Broadlawns Medical Center Broadlawns Mental Health Services Broadlawns PATH Program

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