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Articles by Tony Leys

The Des Moines Register selected Dr. Jan Landy , Broadlawns Section Chief in Behavioral Health, as one of 17 people to watch in 2017. Read more »

Behavioral Health Broadlawns Medical Center Janice Landy Mental Health Psychiatrist The Des Moines Register Tony Leys


Two Broadlawns incumbents were re-elected to the Board of Trustees and one new member was elected. Read more »

Broadlawns Board of Trustees Broadlawns Medical Center The Des Moines Register


The Des Moines Register's health reporter, Tony Leys, wrote an article about Broadlawns' plans to expand its inpatient mental health unit. Read more »

Broadlawns Medical Center Des Moines Register Mental Health Tony Leys


The Des Moines Register featured an article about Broadlawns Medical Center and its fundraising initiative to expand Mental Health facilities and services. Read more »

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