Current OB Fellow

Kiara Festing-Smith, DO


Recent Graduates

Brooke Johnson, DO
2023-2024 Graduate
The Broadlawns FMOB Fellowship helped me prepare for a future filled with low and high-risk obstetrical care. I completed 138 cesarean sections as the primary surgeon and countless more as first assist. Fellowship helped me gain confidence as a provider in attending, supervising, and teaching Family Medicine residents performing deliveries and other obstetrical care. My training also included education on skills such as vacuum deliveries, advanced perineal repairs, antenatal care and screening, post-partum care, tubal ligations, salpingectomy, contraception management, grief counseling, LGBTQ+ care and much more. I was also able to teach residents during many lectures, simulations, and more; and received the Broadlawns Resident Teacher of the Year award. Running journal clubs for providers, residents, and medical students allowed me to grow in my presentation skills as well as gain a deeper understanding of obstetrical practice. Being entrusted to care for colleagues and deliver their children was definitely a highlight of my time at Broadlawns. The fellowship helped me become a better person and physician AND facilitated me in preparation for a future in obstetrics and women's health at Waverly Health Center in Waverly, Iowa where I currently practice.

Abby Stroeh, DO
2022-2023 Graduate