Community-Based Mental Health Services

Residential Care

Our mission for the Residential Care Facilities is to provide a safe treatment-oriented environment designed to assist residents in leaning to deal with the symptoms of their mental illness and make personal adjustments necessary to live as independently as possible. The Broadlawns Residential Facilities are dedicated to providing high quality, client centered care. 

Oakland and McKinley offer residents a safe, friendly and healthy environment to assist in improving their physical and mental health. The residential care facility team includes:

  • Nurses
  • Certified Medication Aides 
  • Social Workers
  • Residential Treatment Worker 
  • Service Coordinators
  • Office Personnel

Together, the care team provides resident with a holistic, comprehensive, yet individualized treatment experience that is focused on their growth and recovery.

Who is Eligible for RCF Placement:

Clients who can be served in the facility must:

  • Be 18 years or older

  • Have a serious Axis I psychiatric illness that is chronic in nature

  • admission is on a voluntary basis

  • Guardian consent must be obtained prior to treatment being provided by HCBS

  • Residents must be able to maintain personal safety and not be in imminent risk of harm to themselves or others

  • Residents must be free of acute untreated or unstable medical issues but require 24-hour supervision

  • Residents must be able to provide their own basic self-care tasks such as eating, drinking, toileting, bathing and transferring independently or with minimal assistance, as well as being able to check blood sugars and administer own insulin

  • Have a source of funding in place (County of legal settlement and/or lead agency approves placement)

  • Is eligible for SSI or SSDI or is currently receiving benefits

  • Voice a willingness to actively participate in their program plan, self-care and Enironmental maintenance activities, and comply with physicians orders

  • Be stabilized on medication

  • Have deficits in one or more of the following areas: social functioning, self-care, cognition, medication compliance, impulse control. 

Referral Process:

Call (515) 282-4555 or (515) 282-8149 got referral information

Referrals can be from any community resource including but not limited to hospitals, Managed Care Organizations (MCO's), case mangers/service coordinators

Admission will be based on the following criteria:

  • Polk County legal residency, funding source in place, greatest need (client is homeless, or will be homeless if denied placement), diagnosis
  • Stated willingness to participate in the treatment program and daily routines of the group home including abiding by the client rights and responsibilities and is a "good fit" with the current clients. 
  • Admission recommendations will be shared with staff and staff person will be asked to assist with the new admission. 

Services Provided:

For chronically mentally ill individuals:

  • Provide residents with a safe environment 
  • 24 hours a day in a community setting 
  • Medication administration/education/monitoring

Therapeutic Activates

  • Tp prevent further hospitalizations 
  • To assist residents in developing functional patterns of behavior 
  • To increase living and social skills
  • To assist residents in identifying options/choices and the consequences of their decisions
  • To prepare residents for discharge/follow-up

Important Aspects of Service

  • Each resident will play an active role in their treatment. This includes, but is not limited to, treatment planning, treatment participation, and discharge planning
  • Assessments (initial and ongoing) including physical health, current level of functioning, and need for service. Individual program plan (IPP) developed by an interdisciplinary team to address short-term transitional or tong-term residential needs
  • Focus on specific needs as identified in the assessment in the areas of academic, community living skills, self-care skills, medication management and vocational services as needed/desired by the resident. 


Broadlawns Medical Center operates two care facilities that provide 24-hour care and treatment for adults who have severe illness. 

Transitional RCF

1212 E. Mckinley ave. Des Moines, IA 50315

1812 Oakland ave. Des Moines, IA 50314

Integrated Health Home (IHH)

Broadlawns Integrated Health Home (IHH) staff provides whole health support to Medicaid members who have serious mental health challenges. Individuals are assigned to a team of three staff members who develop a personalized plan for support. Each team includes a Healthcare Specialist, a Social Services Specialist, and a Peer Support Specialist.

The Health Care Specialist helps to identify the services you need to stay healthy and to continue on your road to recovery.

The Social Services Specialist helps you to obtain the community support you need to be successful and to work toward improving the quality of your life.

The Peer Support Specialist is an individual who is well advanced in their own recovery from significant mental health challenges. This individual will be your partner who will provide coaching, encouragement, and support for your own journey to recovery.

The IHH staff focuses on your overall wellness. We address issues related to your mind, body, spirit, and behavior in an effort to help you meet your goals. We attend to your illness and problems, and we will also help you identify and use your strengths to assist you in achieving health and happiness.

For more information on Integrated Health Home services, please call (515) 282-6770 or email

Positive Alternatives to Hospitalization (PATH)

This integrated service agency project is primarily funded via county-funding to assist individuals who are faced with chronic mental illness.  Integrated services provide flexible and individualized services. These services represent a Positive Alternative To Hospitalization (PATH). Please note: Entry into the PATH program requires a screening by an Intake Coordinator. 

For an Intake Appointment, please call (515) 282-6770.

Service Coordination

Service Coordination services are county-funded coordination services that are provided for individuals who have been diagnosed with mental illness or chronic mental illness. Service coordination is available to those who do not have Medicaid or who are not involved with an integrated services agency project. As long as these individual reside within Polk County, payment for services is covered through Polk County funding. 

For an Intake Appointment, please call (515) 282-6770.

Supported Community Living (SCL)/Home Based Habilitation (HBH)-hourly

SCL/HBH-hourly services are provided to persons contending with chronic mental illness. The SCL/HBH services are designed to develop a support system for individuals as they learn skills that will enable them to live, work, and socialize in the community. The scope of these services are individualized, based on need, and are abilities-focused. Individuals who receive SCL/HBH-hourly services are assigned a Care Coordinator within the Integrated Health Home project and/or have a Broadlawns Medical Center Service Coordinator who will coordinate these services.

For more information, please call (515) 282-6770 or email


FOCUS programs are available at Hoyt Middle School and Mann Elementary School and provide support to school-aged children (3-8 grade) with mental illness and emotional considerations that inhibit their ability to thrive in traditional settings including their classroom, home or the community. The FOCUS II program is designed for high school aged students.

Within a therapeutic classroom environment and through outreach activities, the FOCUS program offers an intensive psychiatric resource to children experiencing severe emotional difficulties who need access to resources beyond what a traditional community school is able to provide. The FOCUS programming attends to the needs of the individual child and assists them with successfully functioning among their family, peers and the community.

Read the success story of Roman, FOCUS Program Graduate

For information on the FOCUS or FOCUS II programs, please call (515) 282-6885.