Inpatient Adult Behavioral Health Unit

The Broadlawns Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit, also referred to as the Inpatient Sands Unit, is a state-of-the-art 44-bed facility with a genuine commitment to being the leading mental healthcare center in Central Iowa.

Broadlawns utilizes an interdisciplinary team to care for mental health patients that includes: psychiatrists, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, anesthesiologists, nurses, social workers, chemical dependency counselors, activity specialists, health coaches, psychiatric technicians and psychologists.


Depression Unit

The Lower Level Sands Unit is a 14-bed unit that is dedicated to treating patients who have been diagnosed with major depression. The unit includes a four season sunroom, and there are plans to incorporate a healing garden to promote access to sunlight, nature and fresh air.

Depression impacts 1 in 5 Americans and is responsible for two thirds of the 30,000 suicides annually. We intend to positively influence the aforementioned statistic by increasing access to effective treatment for major depression. Treatment of depression is effective. Up to 80% of patients receiving medication and therapy achieve a positive response. Unfortunately, many do not seek treatment due to fear and/or uncertainty about treatment options.

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) is offered as an alternative course of treatment for patients whose severe conditions have not responded to traditional medications and therapy. ECT may be used as a first line rapid response when life threatening psychiatric and medical conditions exist and when there is an elevated risk of potential complications from other forms of treatment. Conducted under general anesthesia, ECT procedures entail transferring small electric currents through the brain to reverse symptoms of major depression.  ECT is an Evidenced Based Practice that is endorsed by the American Psychiatric Association.  


Visiting Hours

Please call to schedule an appointment for visiting:

Ground Level: (515) 282-5730
Lower Level: (515) 282-8730


  Ahmar Butt, MD
  Usha Chhatlani, MD 
  Jill Dingeman, PA-C
  Nick Jensen, PA-C
  Susan Latcham, ARNP
  Sue McKernan, ARNP
  Stefanie Noun, PA-C
  Sandra Scholten, FNP-BC
  Wendy Street, ARNP
  Corey Weaver, ARNP