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Crisis Observation Center

Location: 1801 Hickman Road, Des Moines, IA
Phone: (515) 282-5742  In case of emergency, call 911
Hours: Open 24/7

Who can use the COC?

The COC is open to persons who are:
- 18 years of age or older
- Experiencing psychiatric/psychological stress
- Feeling unsafe or suicidal, but able to maintain safe behaviors while at the COC
- Willing to work with COC staff on intake and discharge planning
- Able to provide their own basic hygiene 
- Medically stable

How can the COC help me?

The COC provides a safe, calm environment where you can meet with a nurse and therapist, and if needed, receive assistance setting up mental health appointments and services. The COC staff may also coordinate an assessment by one of the Broadlawns Hospital mental health medication providers, if appropriate. 

What happens when I go to the COC?

When you arrive, staff will meet you at the door and gather information about your mental health and medical needs. We will work together to determine whether the COC is the most appropriate place for you to be. You will be asked to provide registration information, including name, address, and other contact information. During your stay at the COC, you will receive nursing and care coordination assessments. You will also be offered the option of meeting with a licensed therapist. Staff will talk to you about your current needs, any appointments that may need to be set up, and a discharge plan. 

When are therapists and care coordinators available?

The COC is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Care Coordinators and Therapists are generally available 7 days a week between the hours of 7am and 6pm.

What if I am having suicidal thoughts with a plan and intent or impulse to commit suicide?

Immediately call 911 or go to any of the area hospitals in order to keep yourself safe. If you come to the COC and are not able to keep yourself safe within our facility, we will assist you in going to the hospital.

Will the COC force me to stay if I want to leave?

No. The COC is an unlockedfacility and participation is voluntary. Persons cannot be court ordered to go to the COC.

Can I get my medications refilled at the COC?

Medication refills need coordinated through your physician and pharmacy. The COC does not keep stock medications on site. If you need help contacting your physician or pharmacy, please let COC staff know. 

Can the COC provide ongoing therapy or case management services?

Care Coordinators and Therapists will provide services to you while at the COC. Once you are discharged, you will follow up with providers outside of the COC. If you need help setting up these services, the COC staff will help you make appointments. 

Is there a charge for services at the COC?

If you have insurance, Broadlawns will bill your insurance company for services provided at COC. There may be additional charges for your co-pay if medication is prescribed. Follow up services may have a fee for which your insurance company will be billed. Broadlawns will work with any person regarding payment options and available resources to assist with payment.

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