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Community-Based Services

Supported Community Living (SCL)/Home Based Habilitation (HBH)-hourly

SCL/HBH-hourly services are provided to persons contending with chronic mental illnes.  The SCL/HBH services are designed to develop a support system for individuals as they learn skills that will enable them to live, work, and socialize in the community. These scope of these services are individualized, based on need, and are abilities-focused. Individuals who receive SCL/HBH-hourly services are assigned a Care Coordinator within the Integrated Health Home project and/or have a Broadlawns Medical Center Service Coordinator administer their services.

Service Coordination

Service Coordination services are county-funded coordination services that are provided for individuals who have been diagnosed with mental illness or chronic mental illness. Service coordination is available to those who do not have Medicaid or who are not involved with an integrated services agency project. As long as these individual reside within Polk County, payment for services is covered through Polk County funding. 

For a referral to Service Coordination, please contact Gabe Martinez at (515) 282-6790.

Positive Alternatives to Hospitalization (PATH)

This integrated service agency project is primarily funded via county-funding to assist individuals who are faced with chronic mental illness.  Integrated services provide flexible and individualized services.  These services represent a Positive Alternative To Hospitalization (PATH). Please note: entry into the PATH program requires a referral from a Service Coordinator.

For a referral to PATH, please contact Gabe Martinez at (515) 282-6790.

Residential Group Home

In partnership with Polk County Health Services and based on patient eligibility requirements, Broadlawns Medical Center manages the Oakland residential group home. This facility provides a safe environment for patients as they learn to manage their mental illness and transition toward independent living.

For information on the Oakland Residential Group Home, please call (515) 244-8381.

Family Outpatient Center of United Services (FOCUS I and FOCUS II)

The FOCUS programs are administered at Hoyt Middle School and Mann Elementary School and provide support to school-aged children (3-8 grade) who are contending with mental illness and emotional considerations that inhibit their ability to thrive in traditional settings including their classroom, home or the community-at-large.  The FOCUS II program is designed for high school aged students.  

Within a therapeutic classroom environment and through outreach activities, the FOCUS program offers an intensive psychiatric resource to children experiencing severe emotional difficulties who need access to resources beyond what a traditional community school is able to provide.  The FOCUS program offers treatment for all aspects of a child’s behavioral health condition and emotional challenges. The FOCUS programming attends to the needs of the individual child and assists them with successfully functioning amongst their family, peers and the community.

For information on the FOCUS or FOCUS II programs, please call (515) 282.6885.

Transitional Services

Broadlawns offers a transitional program for adults being discharged from an acute care psychiatric hospitalization. This program provides a “step down” from the more intensive hospital level of care. Transitional services include: monitoring stability, supervision regarding safety issues, supportive therapeutic intervention, monitoring of medications and compliance with the treatment plan, social work intervention, and coordination of care with the psychiatric provider.

For information about Transitional Services, please call (515) 244-3944.

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